Project description


The general objective of the project is informing the partner scholar communities about the environmental issues of the forest landscapes in Europe to find a solution consisting in the durable management of the forests, through the collective application of suitable activities.

1. Improving the information levels regarding european forest landscapes

2. Improving the knowledge about the eight priority branches of the european legislation regarding forests (MAP Forest – 2015)

3. Developing the practical abilities (planting, greening, selective collection of waste) and artistic skills (painting, music, cinematography, photography art)

4. Improving the linguistic and digital skills in adequate transmission of information


Europe, 2020.

Our continent is facing rough times: the air gets more and more polluted, the water gets dirtier, the soil gets more and more barren, the animals are more rare; our beloved ”home” is getting ravaged by cataclysms unimaginable up until today. Europe is suffering.

For this suffering, maybe the best remedy is the forest. The forest can solve almost every single problem the terrestrial environment is facing today: the climatic and  purifying functions, the hydrological and  anti-erosion functions, the ecological function, the socio-economical function, the therapeutical and  recreative function; although we are aware of the major importance of trees – the most longevive living organisms on Terra -, we do everything in our power to destroy the wonderful forest ecosystem.

Everything starts with education. A well-informed person will pay more attention  to the forest environment and will have greater respect for Mother Nature. And if, through this project, having the proper means and using the adequate methods, this person will gain ecological abilities, then he or she will become a true citizen of the Green Europe.

This project is dedicated to all the people who want both Europe and our planet to breathe trough healthy ”lungs”.

Expected results:

-a better understanding of the diversity of the forest environment and awareness about its importance;

-perfecting the forest landscape  investigation methods and techniques;

-adopting a civic, responsible attitude towards the forest environment;

-gaining practical abilites in the forest ecology domain and outsourcing  the products of these abilities: photography art, painting, cinematography exhibitions, informative panels, hand-made products;

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