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Green team Turkey in action

On Wendsday, January 20th, 2022, Keşan Anatolian High School students participated in the environmental cleaning event in Gökçetepe Nature Park. They fed stray animals with food. We think green. We live green.

Green Calendar 2022

This is the Green Calendar 2022! The pictures in this calendar were taken by students and teachers involved in the Green Europe. Education. Abilities. project. The calendar also includes a few days of great importance for the natural environment, especially the forest environment. We recommend that you choose one of these days and celebrate itContinue reading “Green Calendar 2022”

Green future for all

The Council of Europe supports regional, national and / or local initiatives in its annual Global Education Week (GEW) campaign, 15-21 November 2021, to raise public awareness of global education (GE) / education for development (GDE) in Europe, under the general motto of GEW – “It’s our world, let’s act together”. On this occasion, theContinue reading “Green future for all”

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