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A green life

And we have reached the end! The last mobility from our project. A mobility intended for teachers/staff. Final destination: Romania. Period: May 15-19, 2023 Day 1 (May 15) The first day of mobility for teachers. Reception of guests Coffee, socializing Visiting the host school Photographic exhibition – Our project Presentation of the participants Day 2…

Green scouts in Portugal

Finally, we have reached the last mobility for students in this project! In the wonderful setting of northern Portugal, along the Douro River! Day 1 – March 20 Welcoming ativities Accommodating the students in the host families Welcoming dinner Day 2- March 21 School visit; Traditional games; Durable management of the forest environment in Europe;…

Green teams in Lithuania

On October 11, 2022, we started a new adventure of our project: mobility in Lithuania. Day 1 Welcome speech. Ice breaking activities. Getting to know each other. Visit to the workshops of Panevėžys training centre. Outdoors activities next to Ekranas lagoon. Group tasks. Day 2 Arrival to Vilnius. Sightseeing autumn in Vilnius. At Lithuanian Protected…

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