A green life

And we have reached the end! The last mobility from our project. A mobility intended for teachers/staff.

Final destination: Romania. Period: May 15-19, 2023

Day 1 (May 15)

The first day of mobility for teachers.

Reception of guests

Coffee, socializing

Visiting the host school

Photographic exhibition – Our project

Presentation of the participants

Day 2 (May 16)

Open lesson, 11th grade, moderator Dumitru Voinea (geography teacher)


The International Symposium ”The forests of Europe: Education & Ecology”

Day 3 (May, 17)

Visit to the administration headquarters of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation

Boat ride in the Danube Delta

Day 4 (May, 18)

Boat ride in the Danube Delta and Black Sea

Debate on the subject ”The green future of Europe – challenges and promises”

Day 5 (May, 19)

Mobility assessment, conclusions

Closing ceremony

We are not a team, we are a family! (Dijana Jovanoska)

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