Green scouts in Portugal

Finally, we have reached the last mobility for students in this project! In the wonderful setting of northern Portugal, along the Douro River!

Day 1 – March 20

Welcoming ativities

Accommodating the students in the host families

Welcoming dinner

Day 2- March 21

School visit;

Traditional games;

Durable management of the forest environment in Europe;

Reflection on our project;

Socialization, fun, joy, friendship;

Day 3 – March 22

Visit to Gondomar’s Town Hall

Walk in Gondomar’s City Park

Visit to the Filigree Museum in Casa Branca de Gramido

Stroll along the Douro’s river bank

Ecological walk through the Paleozoic Park of Valongo

Looking for the beauty of green!

Day 4 – March 23

Visit to Oporto City Center – activity on Goosechase

Visit to Aguda-littoral station

Stoll along Gaia’s sea coast

Green and blue –  Earth’s favorite colors!

Day 5 – March 24

The last day of mobility for students in this project!

A day of memories!

A day of conclusions!

A day of commitments and green promises!

A day that can turn some children into responsible people!

Green forever!

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