Green teams in Lithuania

On October 11, 2022, we started a new adventure of our project: mobility in Lithuania.

Day 1

Welcome speech.

Ice breaking activities. Getting to know each other.

Visit to the workshops of Panevėžys training centre.

Outdoors activities next to Ekranas lagoon. Group tasks.

Day 2

Arrival to Vilnius. Sightseeing autumn in Vilnius.

At Lithuanian Protected areas National visitor’s centre.

Visiting Trakai fortress.

Day 3

Getting to know Krekenava. Visitors’ centre.

Walking on Girinis pathway. Learning about Lithuanian forests.

Photo exhibition.

Presenting wood objects by each team.

Evaluation of the mobility.

Delivery of certificates.

This is the green family reunited in Lithuania!

Because we love green!

Thinks green, lives green!

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