October Green Fest

October offered us the opportunity of the first joint activity within our project, Green Europe. Educatin.  Abilities. Thus, several students captured, in unique autumn poses, the forests near the local horizon. These are the places where we will spend our time in the next two years. In these places we will try to know, understand and love the forest.

On this occasion, the foundations were laid for the elaboration of the Green Calendar, which will include the most beautiful pictures taken each month by the students involved in the project.

We also invite you, dear friends of nature, to take with us an imaginary journey into the wonderful world of European forests. You can admire:

-the unmistakable Mediterranean landscape of Turkey

Photo: Yağiz Komanli

Photo: Emek Çağdaș Aydin

Photo: Defne Serbest

Photo: Defne Serbest

Photo: Emek Çağdaș Aydin

-the charming forest portrait of Northern Macedonia

Photo: Anastasia Cvetkoska

Photo: Bilijana Cvetkoska

Photo: Lidjia Bogeska

Photo: Tamara Sinadinoska

Photo: Eleonora Radeska

-the spectacular Atlantic forest of Portugal

Photo: Rita Martins

Photo: Sara Barros

Photo: Thiago Silva

Photo: Luna Taveira

Photo:Francisco Marques

-the wonderful rust forests of Romania

Photo: Andrei Estera

Photo: Gulap Ines

Photo: Nedelea Cristina

Photo: Pavel Andreea

Photo: Simulescu Ina

We think green!

We dream green!

We act green!

We live green!

Photo: Știrbei Andra

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