Green Avatars

On Saturday, January 16, 2021, a new meeting took place within the Erasmus project “Green Europe”. Education. Abilities”, between students from schools in Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Portugal and Romania, a total of 39 participants.

      The initiative belonged to colleagues from Turkey who organized an online workshop on the Zoom platform. During this, the coordinating professor, Hayriye Aydin, presented us with a series of sites and applications that we can capitalize on by creating intros for youtube videos, editing these videos, creating animated avatar pictures and many others. We were presented in detail and carefully how to use it, so that, for example: in the Pixton application, we can develop our animated versions at will, using them later as avatar pictures or through the applications Biteable and Flixpress we can make different types of videos for many activities.

    Through this meeting not only me, but also my colleagues, from the partner schools within the project, we gained a variety of new knowledge in this field, which will surely be useful in the future. Also, in addition to the material things, I am happy because we had the opportunity and we managed to meet all of us, spending and learning new things together.

Text and pictures: Student Antonia Pamfile

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