The silver forest

January, 2021…

Winter in Europe…

Everywhere the forest is covered in white bark. Old trees stand towering, withstanding the cold, modeling the younger ones. On their branches you can see the snow that gives everyone the joy of freshness.

Beeches, birches, tall poplars and oaks exchange admiring glances, looking at their new appearance. The ages placed on them give them elegance, and the purity of the snow, youth without old age.

The sun is seen lurking in the clouds, but he is too ashamed to show himself. Maybe it’s better that way, not to melt the beauty of the forest …

Photo by:

Domantė Glinskaitė, Dominyka Skavičiūtė, Gabija Mainionytė, Oksana Kriščiūnaitė (Lithuania)

Simona Mateska, Tea Stavreska (Northern Macedonia)

Arhire Ana Maria, Dragomir Clara, Nedelea Cristina, Sălăvăstru Elena Beatrice (Romania)

Ayşe Gülçin Dayan (Turkey)

Text by Andrei Estera (Romania)

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