Centuries ago, animal lovers built shelters, birdhouses and animal hospitals for animals on the street. Birdhouses, one of the most beautiful designs of human beings, symbolized sublime feelings such as “compassion and love”, as well as reflecting the architecture of the period, the taste and delicacy of those who built that birdhouse


Today, the students of Keşan Anatolian High School also brought birds together with their new palaces. Prepared birdhouses were hung on the trees in our school’s garden. Palaces of our birds await their owners.

Birdhouses will protect these tiny birds from storm, rain, mud, and burning sun. It will enable them to raise their offspring more safely.

The bird house sent by our partner school in Lithuania has also taken its place in our garden. It is waiting for its owners.

The Weather Is Good Today,

Birds don’t run away from me;

I’m stroking on a pigeon wing

The blue of the skies.

With the chirping of sparrows, it sinks into me

The greenery of the trees.

Silk shadow of the clouds

Rustling on children’s faces

Cahit Sitki Tarancı

The pictures and article were taken by the Turkish team of the Green Europe. Education. Abilities project.

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