Red pine trees are a member of the pine family. The Latin name of the red pine tree is known as Pinus. Red pine tree, one of the fastest growing and growing trees, crossed the borders of Turkey and became known worldwide. The red pine tree, which has been on the rise recently, is one of nature’s most known and most effective trees planted against erosion.

Turkish pine, which has adapted to hot conditions and has gained the ability to survive in arid and semi-arid conditions, is the most abundant tree species in Turkey.

Approximately 10% of red pine forest areas It is located within the borders of this region. Of Koru Mountain in Thrace The south of the Gallipoli Peninsula with its slopes overlooking Saros Bay is common in half.

Our students in our “Green Europe, Education, Abılıties” project planted the seeds to grow 250 red pine saplings. Seeds were sown in cardboard, recyclable cups. When the red pine seeds planted by each student turn into saplings, they will be planted in the suitable area.

Remember, if you love like a secret, your murad will come true. Because if the seed is hidden in the ground, it will turn green. (Hz. Mevlana)

Heyriye Aydin, teacher, Turkey

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