Summer landscapes

Finally, summer came! The air is getting hotter, the day is getting longer, the vegetation is exploding! The sun, so sought after so far, has become unbearable! No problem, that’s why there are forests! The trees protect us from the scorching sun, the ruthless rain, the raging wind! All of Europe has become a green paradise!

Enjoy the beauties of summer forests!

Photos by: Aušrinė Lazarytė (Lithuania), Angela Markoska, Biljana Momiroska, Dafina Stanojoska, Emanuel Avramoski, Kiara Mitreska, Marijana Zlateska, Tea Stavreska (North Macedonia), Emilia Pereira (Portugal), Alexandru Cernat, Andreea Tudor, Cristina Nedelea, Magdalena Miron (Romania).

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