The forest in my heart…

I love the forest because….

I love the forest because it makes me relax. He greets me with the chirping of birds, with the plants full of life and colors, and the landscapes I see break my stress immediately, leaving only the joy of being there.   Ana Maria Arhire

Author: Daria Ion

The forest itself is a universe of peace. A magical place where you can go to admire the nature around you, to cultivate your own imagination or even to release the thoughts that press you. But compared to other places that can soothe our minds, the forest will always be welcoming to all who explore its wonderful mysteries.  Bianca Bădăluță

Author: Mariana Istrate

I love the forest because it is the place where I can find peace and connect with nature. Every time I walk in a forest I feel all the positive vibrations embracing me, I feel all the delight of nature pouring over me. Every tree, every blade of grass, every song of the birds is synchronized in a perfect harmony that envelops me in an atmosphere of eternal happiness.     Nicola Chicoș

Author: Ioan Alexandru Manea

The forest protects us as nothing else can. It protects us, guides us, gives us healing and energy, and helps us to be inspired. It is not for nothing that humanity has survived for hundreds of thousands of years, until the dawn of the modern age, only with the help of the wonders of nature’s pharmacy. Everything that is green does not perish, and with the forest we do not perish either!    Marta Nare

Author: Cristina Nedelea

I love the forest because it is a place of my adolescence, it is my best friend and I will never stop loving a place that makes me happy.      Ștefania Alice Tănase

Author: Alexandra Rugină

The forest has a special place in my heart, because its eternal beauty urges me to walk on the living carpet of plants, leaves, various mushrooms and to feel the presence of life around me. The silky rustles of my footsteps on his carpet sound like the melodious waves of a violin of the wood of eternal peace.    Maria Elena Trofin

Author: Laura Popa

I love the forest because it is like a protective angel for plants, animals, man and its eternity over the centuries, it makes me respectfully bow before this fairy who generously shares endless benefits to those who admire her greatness.    Roxana Maria Irimia

Author: Beatrice Negruț

If I were a tree… (performed by Sehernaz Bulut, Ali Üstün, Nisa Erkılıc, Nilsu Sıla Kalyoncu)

Environmental song: You can count on trees (performed by Atakan Özgen and Begüm Çetin)

Planting fruit trees – Portugal team


Forests are home to about 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, with more that 60,000 tree species.

Around 1.6 billion people depend directly on forests for food, shelter, energy, medicines and income.

The world is losing 10 million hectares of forest each year – about the size of Iceland


FAO 2020

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