Green Actions

An important chapter of our green adventure took place in Turkey on May 15-19, 2022.

The topic of mobility was Green Actions – investigating the forest landscape from an economic and ecological perspective, forming a positive attitude towards forest ecology in Europe.

Location: Keșan, Edirne region

Day 1

Ice breaker games

Workshops: story writing, poetry, taboo game, canga game, painting

Welcome concert

Day 2

Presentations of Turkey, Edirne and Keșan

The economic and ecological importance of forests

Endemic plants and animals

Longoz Forest

Tehnological tools made using the environment

Keșan Youth Week opening ceremony

Photo Exhibition

Workshops: leaf examination under the microscop, leaf print, linoleum print, Ebru art, flower from stone dust,

Day 3

Visting Keșan Youth Center

Trip to Gökçetepe Natural Park

Orientring game

Survivor Game

Day 4

Turkish folk danses and music

Zumba time!

Sport games at Keșan Youth Center

Green House contest – Kahoot

Day 5

Keșan Central Area ceremony

Keșan Youth Parade

Youth Day activities – Cennet Parki (Garden of Paradise)

Closing ceremony at Keșan Anadolu Lisesi

Green teams in action!

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