Harbinger of spring

The first flowers (Photo by Voinea Dumitu, 2019)

Spring is one of the four seasons of the temperate zone, marking the transition from winter to summer. Spring calendar runs from March 1, but from an astronomical point of view, the spring equinox (March 21) marks the beginning of this wonderful season.

Spring is the season of buds, flowers, birds, buds; it is the season of the breathless air, of the ever more friendly sun, of the reborn hopes; it is the time of the freshest, cleanest and most beautiful green nature can have.

This is why we are launching a new challenge for you, nature lovers: to observe and photograph those elements that announce the spring: a snapper, a weed, a shy bud, a leaf that is just shedding, a deer or a deer flock of traveling birds. Have a talk time: March 9-April 12, 2020; when you are sure that you have captured the essence of spring, share this joy with us by sending the photo(s) to dumitru_voinea@yahoo.com, and we will publish it on our site.

All the photographs taken during the above mentioned period are accepted, in the perimeter of the forests near you.

We ask that the photos be original, authentic and personal; photos must be accompanied by your name and a suggestive caption.

We do not offer awards or diplomas. The true reward is just this amazing season that enters your heart and soul.

Because the true announcers of spring are you.

Because that’s how you chose to live.

Live green.

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