Green houses for birds

Photo by Arhire Daniela, 2019

2020 is the last year of the decade for biodiversity, declared by UN resolution ( The main objectives: to live in harmony with nature, to contribute to the protection and conservation of biological diversity.

Of all the wildlife species, perhaps the most spectacular, most interesting, most fascinating are the birds. Birds are the symbol of freedom, adventure, kindness, they delight us with their trill, inspire us, scatter seeds, fertilize the soil, and as tourist attractions support the economy. But, above all, the symbiosis with the trees remains: the birds are considered the true health of the forest, and this offers them a proper environment for life.

Currently, there are about 10,000 bird species worldwide, of which 12% are in danger of disappearing in the next century.

This is why you, lovers of the forest, must take an attitude for the protection of these wonderful beings, creating optimal conditions for their existence. We invite you to build a birdhouse in the next two weeks and place it in the forest near your home.

You do not do it for us, you do it for your soul, for the wonderful birds, for the mother-nature. If you would like to share our beautiful experience, send us a proof of your action (one or more pictures, accompanied by a brief description of the location) on our address (see the Contact section), until March 31, 2020, and we we will post it on this site.

We are waiting for you!

Think green!

Live green!

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