Design: Mandea Cătălin

April 1 marks the oldest holiday in the environment calendar: International Day of Birds, which celebrates the signing, in 1906, of the Convention for the Defense of Birds, being marked within the UNESCO “Man and Biosphere” Programme (MAB).

Our passion, love and attachment to these beautiful and lovable beings are evident and often supported by their protective actions. The most well-known evidence of affection is the manufacture of boxes for birds. The custom, spread among the ornithologists in Romania from the interwar period and resumed in 1993, at the initiative of the Ornithological Society of Romania, was also taken over by those from the Association of Sciences Club GEEA Tecuci and its collaborators, starting last year.

Thus, in 2019, with the help of the kind students from several schools, about 80 cottages were placed in the forests near Tecuci.

Photos by: Vasilache Paraschiva (2019)

Photos by: Arhire Daniela (2019)

This year, due to the restrictions imposed by the authorities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobilization did not have the same magnitude; even so, 34 boxes were made by students from the National College “Spiru Haret” Tecuci and 5 other partner schools. Although some of them have failed to get to the forest to install them, we congratulate everyone on the initiative, for their imagination and we are sure that these houses will find their usefulness, no matter where they are located.

We continue to present our little heroes and their achievements!

Photo: Vespan Silvia (2020)
Photo: Vespan Mihaela (2020)
Photo: Postolache Geani (2020)
Photo: Stănescu Robert (2020)
Photo: Stănescu Gabriel (2020)
Photo: Zamfir Sonia (2020)
Photo: Spiridon Melisa (2020)
Photo: Tănase Diana (2020)
Photo: Lupoaie Denis (2020)
Photo: Pavel Andreea (2020)
Photo: Chiriac Luiza (2020)
Photo: Balaban Denisa (2020)
Photo: Niță Isabelle (2020)
Photo: Ailenei Georgiana (2020)
Photo: Nedelea Cristina (2020)
Photo: Vlad Bianca (2020)
Photo: Nechifor Ștefan (2020)
Photo: Maftei Luca (2020)
Photo: Istrate Andreea (2020)
Photo: Stan Adriana (2020)
Photo: Gulap Ines (2020)
Photo: Secu Andreea (2020)
Photo: Cojocariu Andrei (2020)
Photo: Mitache Ion (2020)
Photo: Mandea Andreea (2020)
Photo: Lupu Mihaela (2020)
Photo: Lazăr Mihai (2020)
Photo: Jorăscu Andreea (2020)
Photo: Druță Alina (2020)
Photo: Dragomir Ana-Maria (2020)
Photo: Corcaci Raul (2020)
Photo: Brumă Andreea (2020)
Photo: Botez Filip (2020)
Photo: Axenie Briana (2020)

This is our choice!

We think green!

We act green!

We live green!

Photo: Nedelea Cristina (2020)

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