Green hearts. Clean forests.

Photo: Voinea Dumitru (2020)

Today is World Cleaning Day. September 23 was declared the World Day of Cleanliness by the UN in partnership with the organization Clean Up the World, since 1993. This day is intended to be an awareness and a reminder that the protection of the environment must be a lifestyle , not just an event in itself.

In the spirit of a green life and respect for nature, we, at the Spiru Haret Tecuci National College, decided to carry out an activity to sanitize the Barcea forest.

Armed with gloves and household bags, respecting the rules of social distance imposed by the pandemic of COVID 19, we managed to achieve our goal: waste collection in 25 bags of 240 l.

We don’t have to do more!

A minimum effort from everyone would mean a lot in the fight against pollution, misery, indifference!

We think green, we act green, we live green!

Prof. Voinea Dumitru

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