The Forest – 2021

Online animation festival

Happy anniversary, dear forest!

Today is your day!

By declaring International Forest Day on 21 March, the United Nations aims to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests.

Today we will talk about you, about how important you are to us!

Forests provide health benefits for everyone, such as fresh air, nutritious foods, clean water, and space for recreation. In developed countries, up to 25 percent of all medicinal drugs are plant-based; in developing countries, the contribution is as high as 80 percent.

Today we share your pain!

The world is losing 10 million hectares of forest – about the size of Iceland – each year, and land degradation affects almost 2 billion hectares, an area larger than South America. Forest loss and degradation emit large quantities of climate-warming gases, and at least 8 percent of forest plants and 5 percent of forest animals are at extremely high risk of extinction.

Today and always we are with you and for you!

The restoration and sustainable management of forests will address the climate-change and biodiversity crises simultaneously while producing goods and services needed for sustainable development. Forests provide more than 86 million green jobs and support the livelihoods of many more people. Wood from well-managed forests supports diverse industries, from paper to the construction of tall buildings. Investment in forest restoration will help economies recover from the pandemic by creating even more employment.

For you, dear forest, we have organized this online animation festival, through which we express our unconditional love and attachment.

Protect the forest
(Andrei Alionte, Romania)

No title
(Andreea Saulea – Romania)

Forest path
(Arda Tunca – Turkey)

Green Lives
(Aysu Duru Yatbaz – Turkey)

A planted tree – an opening to normalcy
(Beatrice Elena Sălăvăstru – Romania)

Green world
Beyza Dallı – Turkey)

Green world
Beyza Dallı – Turkey)

In the depths of the mad forest
(Bobârnea Georgiana – Romania)

At the mountain refuge
(Bobârnea Georgiana – Romania)

The forest in the shadow of the mountains
(Bobârnea Georgiana – Romania)

Wildlife rescue
(Cosmina Văleanu – Romania)

The forest today, the forest tomorrow
(Cucoaneș Georgiana – Romania)

We live together in this world
(Defne Serbest – Turkey)

Forest love
(Emek Çağdaş Aydin – Turkey)

The reborn forest
(Ali Ghioagă – Romania)

The old forester
(Elena Ghioagă – Romania)

No title
(Gökalp Topaloğlu – Turkey)

The rebirth of forest
(Laura Speranța Lupușoru – Romania)

Our tree!
(Maftei Teodora – Romania)

(Marina Mirela Vîrlan – Romania)

Forest friends
(Miruna Marin – Romania)

(Negruț Beatrice – Romania)

Green teens restoring the forest
(Nehir Eroğlu – Turkey)

Everything for greener life
(Nilsu Sıla Kalyoncu – Turkey)

(Nisa Erkılıç – Turkey)

(Pintilie Daniel) – Romania

The forst – a piece of heaven
(Pîrvu Oana – Romania)

Day and night!
(Popa Denisa – Romania)

Green forest
(Sehernaz Bulut – Turkey)

For a clean forest
(Sevastre Denisa – Romania)

The road to the forest
(Adelina Turcu – Romania)

No title
(Veli Mete Gokbulut – Turkey)

The infinite
(Larisa Vlad – Romania)

(Yağız Komanlı – Turkey)

Nature is peace
(Yağmur Çuvalcıoğlu – Turkey)

Information and logo taken from:

Thinks green! Lives green!

Dumitru Voinea, teacher, Romania

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