Green House

The mobility within the Green Europe. Education. Abilities project took place between September 27-30.

The hosts of the event were students and teachers of Spiru Haret Tecuci National College, Romania, who were more than happy to have with them their colleagues and friends from Lithuania (Viešoji įstaiga Panevėžio profesinio rengimo centras), Portugal (Agrupamento de Escolas of Rio Tinto Nº 3) and Turkey (Kesan Anadolu Lisesi). Unfortunately, for objective reasons, our partners from North Macedonia (SOU Sveti Naum Ohridski – Makedonski Brod) were unable to travel, but participated in online activities (virtual mobility).

The first day was dedicated to the arrival and reception of guests. Thus, a delegation of four students and a teacher from our college traveled to Bucharest, where they established the first official contact with the other partner schools. This was followed by a walk through the old center of the capital and accommodation with the social environment in Romania. The trip to Tecuci was followed by a festive dinner, then the accommodation of the guests, both at the families of some students and at the hotel.

The second day of the mobility was a good opportunity to present the infrastructure of Spiru Haret Tecuci College and at the same time to adapt to the Romanian education system. Also, a joint lesson was held with the theme Forest Environment, moderated by Professor Voinea Dumitru, project coordinator. The participants thus discussed various theoretical aspects and issues related to the European forest environment, having as case studies, the local forest environment for each school. The afternoon session consisted of self-presentation of all participants and socializing games. At the end, all those present followed an urban hike, admiring the main objectives of the city of Tecuci.

The third day focused on developing practical skills for observing and investigating the forest environment, using different methods in an exciting forest hike. The participants had the opportunity to improve their techniques of field orientation, identification of plant and animal species specific to forests in Romania. The practical tests were spiced with many funny moments of relaxation. In the afternoon, in the park of our college, followed an interesting artistic moment, especially appreciated by the public. They sang, they danced, they visited the ethnographic museum of the high school, the guests were very excited.

The last day was the evaluation of both parties: the evaluation of the skills acquired in this mobility of participants, but also the evaluation of the hosts by the guests. At the end, the awarding of the participants and the closing ceremony generated emotions, joys, regrets that everything was over.

It was an honor to have you with us!

Because we love green!

Because we love you!

Dumitru Voinea, project coordinator

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