Rearrangement of the green areas

Taking advantage of the sunny days of October in Portugal, the AERT3 students, within the scope of the project activities “Green Europe: Education, Abilities” decided to carry out a cleaning intervention in the green areas of the school grounds.

First, the students visited  the green spaces surrounding the school building, identifying some of the species and trying to analyze the need for intervention.

Guided by the Biology teacher, they came across an invasive plant, Cortaderia solleana, commonly known as plume or pampas. This plant, originally from South America, spreads very easily through the spreading of seeds, invading the space of other plants and jeopardizing their survival. They also noticed the need for the pruning of some trees and the need to provide some  support to the maintenance of the garden.

The actions to maintain the green spaces were carried out with great enthusiasm and jolly participation from the students, who were made aware of the need for a more systematic intervention in this type of activities and taking on the commitment to carry out them voluntarily and regularly throughout the year.

Step 1- Visit to the garden to assess the need for intervention

Step 2- Elimination of invasive plants

Step 3- Tree Pruning

Step 4- Garden rearrangement

Mission accomplished!

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