Drawing contest

Between November 8-14, 2021, the drawing contest with the theme Green future for all took place, intended for gymnasium and high school students, as part of a larger project dedicated to Global Education Week.

The competition was attended by 8 gymnasium students and 22 high school students from Spiru Haret Tecuci National College and Calistrat Hogaș Tecuci National College. Each competitor tried to illustrate as eloquently as possible the importance of forests: living environment, rest and relaxation environment, food resources, etc., or to offer solutions for an efficient management of forest resources (planting, sanitation, protection of flora and fauna, etc. ).

The works, particularly interesting, demanded a lot from the evaluator, in the person of Teacher Ilaș Constantin. The following ranking has been established:

Gymnasium section

First place

The importance of forests (author: Filimon Ramona Eliza)

Second place

House in the heart of nature (author: Pohrib Alesia Adriana)

Third place

Princess Earth (author: Sisea Crina)


Be one with nature (author: Deliescu Eliza Nicole)

High school section

First place

Mouth of Heaven (author: Moisi Denisa-Iuliana)

Second place

Biological disfigurement (author: Costescu Oana Patricia)

Forest-oasis of peace (author: Nedelea Cristina)

Third place

We think green! (author: Vasilache Hadasa-Karina)

Projection of the present (author: Codreanu Andreea)

Life (author: Istrate Mariana)


The Enchanted Forest (author: Istrate Andreea)

A living corner (author: Doniga Diana)

Only the forest can save our planet! (author: Popa Laura Ioana)

Of course, we appreciate the effort of all competitors and thank them for participating!

We think green, we live green!

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