Green future for all

The Council of Europe supports regional, national and / or local initiatives in its annual Global Education Week (GEW) campaign, 15-21 November 2021, to raise public awareness of global education (GE) / education for development (GDE) in Europe, under the general motto of GEW – “It’s our world, let’s act together”.

On this occasion, the students and teachers of the Spiru Haret Tecuci National College (Romania) and those from the Agrupamento de Escolas de Rio Tinto Nº 3 (Portugal) mobilized to carry out several volunteer activities and to promote a civic commitment for a cleaner world, a healthier environment.

The two partner schools tried to develop the objectives proposed in the Erasmus + project Green Europe. Education. Abilities. by implementing a small local project called Green future for all. Thus, several activities were carried out that contributed to the development of artistic and practical skills aimed at forest ecology:

drawing contest with the theme Green future for all, in which 30 gymnasium and high school students participated;

rearrangement of the green space of the school in Portugal, which was attended by 20 students coordinated by the biology teacher, Elisabete Oliveira;

paper waste collection, attended by 123 students;

creating essays with the general theme I love the forest because…, in which 104 students participated;

planting a tree or fruit tree in their own garden, by 49 students of the school in Romania;

seeding about 100 pedunculate oak (Quercus pedunculata) acorns, under the guidance of biology teacher, Cristina Lupu;

Everything for a clean, healthy environment!

Together for a green future!

A green future for all!

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