Green hearts, clean forests – spring edition

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, at the initiative of US Senator Gaylord Nelson, but has grown internationally since the 1990s. Since 2009, it has been included in the list of official days celebrated by the UN. International Mother Earth Day is celebrated to remind each of us that the Earth and its ecosystemsContinue reading “Green hearts, clean forests – spring edition”

Today Sapling, Breath Tomorrow

      Every sapling we bring together with the soil is the breath of the future. Green areas, trees, forests are our lives. We are all responsible for building a greener future. The most precious treasure we will leave to future generations is a green environment. The best step taken for a healthy and beautiful futureContinue reading “Today Sapling, Breath Tomorrow”

Online meeting for teachers 2

On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, the second project meeting of the teachers took place, attended by representatives of each partner school. An activity report was presented for the first six months of the project: September 2020 – February 2021. Thus, all the events that marked the preparation and implementation of the project were mentioned. TheContinue reading “Online meeting for teachers 2”

Two Seasons in one month

Nature is beautiful in every wayThe dance of the trees and the windThe delicate fall of the white snowA snowdrift blocking the roads andCold that makes the forest quiet. Photos: Domantė Glinskaitė, Dominyka Skavičiūtė (Lithuania), Angela Markoska, Eleonora Radeska, Marijana Zlateska, Sara Simjanoska, Tea Stavreska (Northern Macedonia), Diogo Nunes, Francisco Marques, Tiago Queirós (Portugal), AndreeaContinue reading “Two Seasons in one month”