Green hearts. Clean forests.

Today is World Cleaning Day. September 23 was declared the World Day of Cleanliness by the UN in partnership with the organization Clean Up the World, since 1993. This day is intended to be an awareness and a reminder that the protection of the environment must be a lifestyle , not just an event inContinue reading “Green hearts. Clean forests.”


April 1 marks the oldest holiday in the environment calendar: International Day of Birds, which celebrates the signing, in 1906, of the Convention for the Defense of Birds, being marked within the UNESCO “Man and Biosphere” Programme (MAB). Our passion, love and attachment to these beautiful and lovable beings are evident and often supported byContinue reading “Birds’friends”

Forests and biodiversity

Every year, on March 21, starting with 2012, the UN proposes the celebration of World Forest Day, to emphasize its importance for our planet, but also to draw attention to the problems generated by the continuous reduction of forest areas worldwide. Forests cover one third of the Earth’s land mass, performing vital functions around theContinue reading “Forests and biodiversity”

Green houses for birds

2020 is the last year of the decade for biodiversity, declared by UN resolution ( The main objectives: to live in harmony with nature, to contribute to the protection and conservation of biological diversity. Of all the wildlife species, perhaps the most spectacular, most interesting, most fascinating are the birds. Birds are the symbol ofContinue reading “Green houses for birds”