Forest ecology-mobility in Portugal

Finally, the long-awaited moment has come! After almost a year of riots, due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, we managed to mobilize for the first physical mobility, which took place in Portugal. The meeting, intended only for teachers, brought together participants from Portugal, North Macedonia, Romania and Turkey. Unfortunately, due to personalContinue reading “Forest ecology-mobility in Portugal”

The unknown world of North Macedonia

Today, our partners from North Macedonia have taken us through the beautiful lands of their country. Proud of their history and culture, aware of the legacy left by their ancestors, our hosts presented us in detail the wonderful national parks of North Macedonia: flora, fauna, waters, relief… In the end, our colleagues challenged us toContinue reading “The unknown world of North Macedonia”

May Flower Symphony

The month of flowers did not disappoint us. The forests were invaded by beauty, color, smell, perfume. The whole of Europe laughs to the sky… Floral pastel! Words are superfluous! Look at the pictures, admire the forests, love nature! This is the project of our heart! Photos by: Aušrinė Lazarytė, Dominyka Skavičiūtė, Greta Gailevičiūtė, JustinasContinue reading “May Flower Symphony”

Incursions into beautiful Turkey

Today a new episode of our journey took place through the forests of Europe and beyond. We expanded our horizons of knowledge beyond the borders of our continent and were able to admire the beauty and spell of the forests of Turkey. Our colleagues and friends from Kesan (Edirne) also introduced us to the localContinue reading “Incursions into beautiful Turkey”


Many materials thrown into nature are harmful to nature. The harmful substances in batteries can reach deadly levels in nature. A small pencil battery can contaminate 4 square meters of soil. Our students draw attention to the pollution of waste batteries with the boards, posters and brochures they prepared. At our school, waste batteries areContinue reading “DO NOT LET NATURE END THE BATTERY”