Green team Turkey in action

On Wendsday, January 20th, 2022, Keşan Anatolian High School students participated in the environmental cleaning event in Gökçetepe Nature Park. They fed stray animals with food. We think green. We live green.

Green Calendar 2022

This is the Green Calendar 2022! The pictures in this calendar were taken by students and teachers involved in the Green Europe. Education. Abilities. project. The calendar also includes a few days of great importance for the natural environment, especially the forest environment. We recommend that you choose one of these days and celebrate itContinue reading “Green Calendar 2022”

Green future for all

The Council of Europe supports regional, national and / or local initiatives in its annual Global Education Week (GEW) campaign, 15-21 November 2021, to raise public awareness of global education (GE) / education for development (GDE) in Europe, under the general motto of GEW – “It’s our world, let’s act together”. On this occasion, theContinue reading “Green future for all”

Drawing contest

Between November 8-14, 2021, the drawing contest with the theme Green future for all took place, intended for gymnasium and high school students, as part of a larger project dedicated to Global Education Week. The competition was attended by 8 gymnasium students and 22 high school students from Spiru Haret Tecuci National College and CalistratContinue reading “Drawing contest”

Rearrangement of the green areas

Taking advantage of the sunny days of October in Portugal, the AERT3 students, within the scope of the project activities “Green Europe: Education, Abilities” decided to carry out a cleaning intervention in the green areas of the school grounds. First, the students visited  the green spaces surrounding the school building, identifying some of the speciesContinue reading “Rearrangement of the green areas”

Green House

The mobility within the Green Europe. Education. Abilities project took place between September 27-30. The hosts of the event were students and teachers of Spiru Haret Tecuci National College, Romania, who were more than happy to have with them their colleagues and friends from Lithuania (Viešoji įstaiga Panevėžio profesinio rengimo centras), Portugal (Agrupamento de EscolasContinue reading “Green House”

Green Romania

September, 2021 Autumn has arrived. The heat of the sun subsided. The nights are getting colder. The forest is changing, green is complemented by other colors. The landscape becomes pastel. This is the month of mobility in Romania. That is why the participants in this mobility tried to capture everything that is most beautiful inContinue reading “Green Romania”

Vacation forests

August 2021 We enjoy the sun, the heat! We enjoy life! In summer, the forest is like a magnet for us! It offers us coolness, relaxation, camping meadows, berries, fairytale landscapes. Everything is green, everything is in abundance! I would like June to come after August! I wish time stood still! All time summer, allContinue reading “Vacation forests”

Green Portugal

July, 2021. It’s summer, it’s vacation! After such a difficult year, students and teachers took a well-deserved vacation, But not all! This month, the first mobility within our project took place, mobility intended only for teachers. Thus, we had the opportunity to know, investigate and admire the beautiful forest landscapes of Portugal. Also, some studentsContinue reading “Green Portugal”


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